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Fun Summer Activities for Teenagers

Fun Summer Activities for Teenagers

Summer vacations can be long and boring if one does not have any specific plans in mind.

Summer Activities

Summer Activities

Students look forward to spending a gala time during their summer vacations. In the end, it is the time when kids have full freedom so when parents do not restrict them from doing anything. For teens, summer vacation is often when the mixture of too much time and not enough supervision results in trouble. The planning for vacation goes on for some time, but the enthusiasm disappears in a week after it starts. This is because sleeping, fooling around, watching television, and playing video games also become a routine after a few days.

This is a range of summer activities for teenagers for you to make the most of which are enjoyable enough to keep those tricky teenagers happy! Instead of have them mope around why don’t you excite them with new experiences and high adrenaline activities such as:-


Summer vacations are the ideal time to learn how to dance. This really is one skill that every person should acquire, especially teens. And besides, dancing is fun. Also, everyone has a natural tendency to make some movements in response to music, and learning how you can dance simply provides some easy and fun techniques to do this. You can opt for a cha-cha, slide, or street dancing, based on your interest.

Drop the Lid

Drop the lid is one of those outdoor activities that may lead to lots of giggles because of the slight resemblance of many childhood games. Everyone is to sit down in a circle, while one person stands in the middle of the circle, holding a lid. The person in the inside of the circle would be to start walking around the circle, grabbing the hand of another person. The person’s hand that’s grabbed is to then grab someone else’s hand, and so forth, until the person with the lid drops it. When the lid drops, everyone standing has to operate to a seat or designated area. Whoever winds up without a seat or is last to the designated area must grab the lid and begin the game again.

Music Video

Teenagers and music work together, as tween and teens spend many of their time listening to music. Instead of just listening to music, why not try to make your own music video this summer. You don’t have to have expensive systems for this; just a single instrument along with a video camera is enough. In fact, come up with a video that is different from the typical videos by looking into making full use of your creativity. Who knows, you might just discover a hidden artist in yourself!

Backyard camping

Who doesn’t love a good camping trip? Why not take all the travel and preparation from it and have one in your very own backyard? Grab a tent, some friends (of the same gender), and your sleeping-bags, and get ready for a fun night laughing, telling stories, and much more. For an added bonus, take along some graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate to create smores.


Vacation is the only time whenever you get a chance to enter the magical realm of books. There is hardly anything that can be completed in hot summer afternoons, so grab an interesting novel and start reading. It could take a little time to find your genre, so experiment with different types of books. Teenagers generally like thriller, romance, or fantasy novels. Even comics are exciting to read. If you cannot buy books, you may still read them online for free.


Summer is a great time to explore your surroundings. Gather your friends and choose a day trek to a nearby location. It may even be a picnic plus trek! Make a list of all the trekking spots around your city and visit each one during the vacations. By the end of the holidays, you’ll have developed a new hobby. There’s also many trekking groups that visit difficult and remote trekking locations. In order to have an adventurous vacation, you can join this type of group.

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Innovative Activities

Why not create something yourself? The joy of making something innovative by using your own efforts and imagination is unmatchable. Creating something is one of the most interesting fun activities for teenagers. Now, things to create will depend entirely on your interests. For example, girls who’re interested in fashion can buy old fashioned magazines and try creating dresses with the assistance of it. You can also make some science fair projects during the vacations.

Learn something new

Summer vacation is a superb opportunity to do something you always wished to do but didn’t have the time. You’ve about 3 months of free time on your hands; use it to learn something new. Maybe you could take some cooking classes. Maybe you could take some guitar lessons or learn another instrument. How about learning another language? The opportunities are endless. In the end, learning doesn’t have to be something we only do at school.

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