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Posted by on Feb 20, 2015 in Adventure | 0 comments

List of Beaches For Family Vacation In India

If you are planning to take a trip to one of the best Indian beaches, then here are a few you should visit.

Family vacation is probably the most important factors to hold your love ones happy and it also gives you the possibility to spend quality time together in this busy entire world. Get together and vacation trips are most looked onward to, but when it comes on planning you need to think of a good place, after all it is advisable to please everyone in the family member, India is among the places where variety and options are offered to visit.

Best Beaches in India

Best Beaches in India

In the summer season, you would see a lot of families getting together and spending their time near the warm ocean. Here in India, there are a number of nationality as well as tourists who visit the Indian beaches as the climate during the summer is not that scorching hot! If you are planning to take a trip to one of the best Indian beaches, then here are a few you should visit.

Mandrem Beach- North Goa

This exotic untouched and virgin beach is the best-kept secret on the north Goan coast that you might find hard to stay away from. Mandrem Beach is a perfect beach destination for people who want to spend a laid back and peaceful day on the shoreline while indulging in activities like yoga, meditation, beach walk, spas and massage. Unlike many busy and bustling beaches of Goa, Mandrem is a peaceable beach spot, which can make you feel like you have your own beach with very less people around. If you love swimming and surfing, then the beautiful waves in the sea will add to your fun factor. Mandrem Beach is one of the best places to visit in Goa and also the most beautiful.

Tarkarli Beach– Maharashtra

The best place to spend for the summer season. The Tarkarli beach which is around 600 km from Mumbai is mostly visited by the locals as this beach has a different feeling when it comes to the rest of the beaches in Mumbai city. There is one thing which is breathtaking at the Tarkarli beach and that is it has aquamarine waters where one would see a number of small islands which glisten on a pleasant day. If you are visiting, on a family vacation, you should go in for the beach activities like that of snorkeling and scuba diving which are fascinating!

Candolim Beach, Goa

The white sandy Candolim Beach of Goa is one of the India’s best beach holiday destinations for honeymoon couples as it offers everything from water sports to fishing to yoga and meditation to massage to colorful bazaars to luscious sea food; and of course there are the famous beach parties as well. This beautiful beach destination looks even more appealing with large scrub-covered dunes in between the sea water and shore, a church, and a lighthouse, which has been a part of attraction here. Candolim Beach is also recognized for the presence of Aguada Fort, built by the Portuguese way back in 1912 for fortifying against the Dutch and the Maratha invaders. It has a good number of hotels, beach resorts and some very soothing spa and massage parlours.

Konark Beach

The sacred beach on Konark is famous for its exquisite Sun Temple. It was built in 13th century and represents the magnificence of Oriya architecture. The best time to have a getaway here is during the local festival of Maghamela, when the emerald water of the Chandrabhaga beach fuses the holy smoke. The spot also feast the visitor’s eyes with the glorious sunrise views.

Varkala Beach India

Varkala Beach India

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach is located approximately 16km near Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is surely one of those places which should be visited with family. The natural climate of Kerala is quite enchanting at this time of year and one can enjoy there amidst beautiful beaches, green lush flora, a number of water sports which are really loved by the kids in family!

Varkala Beach

If you are looking out for an Indian beach which has less amount of crowd, then Varkala beach is apt for a family vacation. This beautiful blue beach with a subtle atmosphere is what the tourists love to be a part of. At the Varkala Beach, you would find n number of mineral springs which is said to be of good medicinal value. (There are some people who believe, if they take a bath in the Varkala beach, it is sais to wipe away all their sins) There are three attractions at this best Indian beach, which is the Janardhana Temple, Anchengo Fort and the Sivagiri Tunnel!

India Beaches Map

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