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Outdoor Adventure Games for Adults

These games can fit into many categories such as beach games, rain forest adventure games.

Adventure games are known to be very exciting and full of action. Adventure games have been in existence since the very

Outdoor Adventure Games for Adults

Outdoor Adventure Games for Adults

beginning of console and computer gaming. After 30 years of game development, finding a fun adventure game to experience is easy, with a wide range of choices in dozens of languages with suitable subject material for all ages. They’re available for all computer os’s and on every console. So regardless of mood, whether you choose to continue medieval quests or solve crimes in futuristic societies, there’s an adventure game available to offer you a chance to dive headfirst into another world.

These games can squeeze into many categories such as beach games, rainforest adventure games.

Smuggler game

Flour, rice or chalk is smuggled from the secret place in plastic bags or cans and brought to their stores. The customs officers must attempt to stop them.

Beach and Sea Activities

Ok now what on earth can be more adventurous than taking part in some fun beach activities? You’ve lots of options to choose from for example boating, fishing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, horse riding, yachting, etc. And the bonus is you enjoy the sun, sand, sea and scenery, while taking part in these adventure games!

Knocking game

A couple of players knock on trees. The remainder of the group tries to find the knockers and when they are successful, they get a card from the knocker. The group or person most abundant in cards has won. Alternatively, each knocker includes a different coloured set of cards and whichever team has got the most different colours has won.

Smuggle game

2 teams each possess a water source and a depot. Each team now attempts to smuggle water from the source in water bottles to their depot. They are not allowed to be stopped within 5-10 meters of the origin or depot.

Walking game like a treasure hunt

Using small cards, specific positions should be found. At the position, a new card using the next task is to be found. Treasure is positioned at the finishing point.

Bomb commando

A group has the task of blowing up a structure. About this structure is an alarm clock with a specific time set. Utilizing a plan of the area, the group moves from the bomb position. A second group looks for the first group. Every minute, the very first group must flash an easy. Should the police (the 2nd group) discover the group, they can use the intend to find the bomb and deactivate it. When the alarm clock rings, the first group has won.

Outdoor Adventure Games

Outdoor Adventure Games


Every player gets to be a playing card. Then the players try to catch one another. The pair shows each other their cards. The gamer with the lower value card must give his card to another player and then run to the depot to collect a new card. A six can conquer an ace.

Relay Races

Kids will always be full of energy and hence enjoy races a great deal, as they involve running and jogging. To create this activity fun, plan relay races, wherein children run in continuity, one by one, and win or lose as a team! Another interesting races are – sack races, running with hands tied behind, three-legged races and races where they’re carrying something on their heads!


Another fun outdoor game for children to experience is tug of war. Within this game two teams get up on either side of a line, with every child holding a common rope after which trying to pull the opposite team for their side of the line!

Field Trips

Well planned field trips combine adventure, education and entertainment, which makes them ideal for kid’s outing. So plan an area trip to a riverside or a mountain, in which the kids can participate in various activities for example trekking as well as learn about nature.

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