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Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Adventure | 0 comments

The World’s Most Seven Adventure Sports

Extreme sports like air racing, offshore racing, surfing, skiing, etc. are some highly dangerous sports.

Sports literally can be a great way for the exercise for both body and mind. Not only that sports are also an incredible source of mere entertainment. The sport activities that involve a significant amount of risk to life and include speed, great heights, or physical exertion are classified under the group of extreme sports. These sports are characterized by an element of thrill and excitement. Stunts and dangerous feats also fall under this category. Sports enthusiasts enjoy participating in such thrilling activities. In the world of sports there are some sports that are extremely perilous. To some extent these sports are considered to be lethal indeed. Here are the top seven most extreme sports in the world:

Top 7 Extreme Sports:

best adventure sports

best adventure sports

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is an extreme sport of ascending inclined ice formations. This activity involves the climbing of icefalls, frozen waterfalls, and cliffs etc. The ice can be divided into two categories the alpha ice and water ice. Mountain environment contains Alpine ice while water ice is found on cliffs. Adventure junkies climb side of glacier and frozen waterfalls with the help of picks and ropes to the top.


Skiing has not only become a sport but also a world championship event in the world today. The sport requires for the person to slide over the top of snow using skiing boots to long runners. The balance of the body is supported by the long runners. Some skiing activities also include a fixed-heel bindings and free-heel bindings, depending upon the area and climatic conditions. Most injuries in this field occur in the knee or due to skids over the ice. The best place to enjoy ice skiing is in the European Alps.

Glacier Climbing

This is one of the most exciting yet challengingly dangerous sport. It requires you to be in good health, fitness and an aware state of mind. It requires you to know the basic nuances of ice axes, harnesses and safety ropes. Also the nature of ice as it changes with the change in temperature with the descent of the sun. It is advisable to know the basics of glacier climbing with a guide, like refreezing and ice skits, before you venture into this sport. That being said, it is the one of the most thrilling experiences to go through and enjoy the adversities of nature closely. The best place to try Glacier climbing given proper safety equipments and guiding is Jostedal Ice Cap, Norway.

BASE jumping

BASE jumping is one of the world’s most dangerous extreme sports. The term BASE stands for Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth. Instead of jumping from high altitudes base jumpers rather chose low altitude man-made objects like buildings, bridges, antennas etc. it is very risky sport because the jumper have a few seconds to pull the parachute. It is illegal in many countries.

Cave Diving

The famous Jacques Costeau pioneered this sport. It entails diving into underwater caves. And that is where the danger lies. In case your equipment fails, the cave makes it hard to make a quick ascent to the surface. Currents in underwater caves are also notoriously unpredictable. Visibility is also a problem because any wrong move will stir up sediments and cloud the view.

cave diving extreme sport

cave diving extreme sport


Zorbing is the most amazing and heart throbbing experience and can be enjoyed with much to-do, needless to point out one of the wackiest which is even safe if carried out under proper surface tension areas. Zorbing offers you an experience of rolling downhill inside an inflatable ball. Different orbs have different slope requirements which can vary in time and intensity. They are lightweight and made of shock absorbent material, protecting you while you enjoy the virtual yet the real bumpy ride of your life. The best place to enjoy Zorbing is in New Zealand.


Highlining is another extreme sport in which athlete walks from one cliff to another. But the trickiest and the scariest part of the walking is that the one has to walk on a rope less than an inch wide suspended high above the ground. Without any balancing pole, the one they use in circus acts, and safety nets, accidents are more likely to happen in this extreme sport.

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